“Our wedding was in mid November 2016. When we met Laura we were so excited to have our wedding at Smythwick Castle.She is all about what you want , she is very kind and so nice to work with. This property is absolutely stunning for a beautiful unique ceremony and fantastic pictures, we are so happy with our photos. There is a gorgeous creek runs on her property surrounded with rocks , perfect for pictures . She also has peacocks walking around when she let’s them out.. truly amazing … supposed to bring you luck. Our plan was an outside ceremony and outside reception, but the weather did not like us that day , so we had to set up the dinner inside of a fantastic ballroom. It was 47 degrees by 6pm. Everything worked out great, we wanted to thank Laura for being so nice and helpful to all of our guests. Keep up the good work , we did noticed that you do work so hard . Oh , i would like to mention that this venue has 4 bedrooms to use and they are super sweet, decorated amazing and very clean !!! Cake was excellent, so as for the flowers were not as expected, but it was all good after all. Way to go Smythwick Castle & Lodge. “